Try out a Linum cable – feel and hear the difference


Different versions – Different outputs and appearances

The sound signature of upgrade cables depends on your earphones; impedance, number of drivers, and sound preferences.

Check the Linum Cable Overview for a comparison of the different Linum cables. Hopefully it can serve as a guide to find the right Linum cable for you.

Additional information including reviews can be found on the individual product pages: Linum DualBaXLinum UltraBaXLinum SuperBaXLinum BaX, Linum Music.


Different versions – Different styles






Our detachable Linum cables for earphones and IEMs are available with T
2™ - the most innovative connector type developed in years. More information on our connector solutions / guide.


Explore our cable technology.

Thin as a string, ultra strong and durable

Linum cables are thin. Very thin! In fact they are only 0.9 mm. But don't let that fool you - although Linum has a smaller diameter than you are accustomed to, they are much stronger than any ordinary earphone cable.

Light weight cable with ambient sound

A Linum cable weighs 4-8g! So you might not even notice wearing it - unless of course you are listening to your favourite track. No doubt it will sound better than you have ever experienced it before!

Look cool and less wired up

Linum cables do not really weigh much - in fact they are so discrete that they are almost invisible. The Linum range was aesthetically designed to make you feel naturally cool and less wired up. That is why Linum cables are perfect when performing on stage and/or for use in broadcasting and security.

Soft and skin friendly

Linum cables are so soft they feel like a second skin. That means that they feel good during extreme sporting activities and are suitable for a long duration under your clothes. They even fit perfectly under helmets. If you prefer to wear your cable on the outside, you will appreciate the low mechanical rubbing against your apparels.