Linum® DualBaX™ in Zebra version


Everything and a bit more - Pure Sound, Ultimate Comfort, Unique, and Exquisite appearance

In sound performance, the DualBaX is very similar to the UltraBaX, though with reduced cross talk. Comfort and low-profile appearance have always been the aim for Linum cables in addition, of course, to the best sound experience. Perfectly engineered, the DualBaX Zebra on the other hand stands out, is eye catching and has a more ruggedized appearance.

Your benefits

  • Stands out visually
  • Tangle free
  • Minimal cross talk
  • Pure sound – no compromise
  • Ultimate comfort in its category
  • Soft and skin friendly without phthalates.


The perfect solution for

  • Audiophiles
  • Musicians - live performance
  • Head-fiers
  • Sound engineers
  • High resolution sources
  • Multi-BA and dynamics
  • Low impedance IEMs


  • Available connector types: T2™ with Earhook
    (Compatible with IPX), 2-Pin plug with Earhook
  • Termination options: 3.5 TRS (90° angled), 4.4mm TRRRS (straight)
  • Silver plated copper litz wires
  • Dual pair twisted – 224 strands
  • Weight: ~8g / ~0.28oz (balanced version ~13g / 0.46oz)
  • Length: 127 cm/50”
  • Impedance: 0.6 Ω
  • Pull strength of cable: 180 N/40lbs
  • Microphonics: Low
  • Standard colour options: Zebra (Transparent Golden & Black)

Sound signature

Sound performance is similar to the UltraBaX, but with lower cross talk, the DualBaX offers an improved noise to signal ratio. 



Looking for a unique and exquisite cable? The DualBaX Zebra is for those who wish an eye-catching and unique cable.

The DualBaX is also for anyone looking for a detachable high-end cable which is tangle free.

If you prefer the same sound performance and a low-profile cable, the UltraBaX is the better choice.

If you require the lightest and most invisible cable, we recommend the BaX cable.



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