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Linum® Balanced

Award winning Linum SuperBaX balanced

The balanced SuperBaX provides the ultimate sound experience - recommended for high-end audio listening.

With a balanced version you get virtual absence of cross talk in addition to tonal neutrality, absolute transparency, wider and deeper rooms, and an affordable cable which is extremely comfortable. These are just some of the key words associated with the SuperBaX. For more information including specifications, check the SuperBaX.


SuperBaX 2.5mm TRRS released

The SuperBaX is available in a balanced version with 2.5mm straight jack plug and with the standard connectors T2, 2Pin (0.78mm) and MMCX. The T2 is IPX compatible.

Due to high demand and a fully booked production, we offer these as build to order (when not in stock). The SuperBaX balanced cables are available to order from our online shop. Retail price EUR 249.00 excluding VAT, EUR 311.25 including VAT (VAT applies for sale in EU countries). Delivery time up to 6 weeks from approved order.




BaX 2.5mm TRRS 

Clearance sale. Until it is sold out, the BaX cable is available in our online shop in a 2.5mm TRRS version 1 generation Linum cable (G1 - old design with different plug, splitter and cinch, otherwise same specifications as the BaX).


4.4mm TRRRS

We get many requests for the 4.4mm TRRRS at the moment, though it is not yet planned for release. If you are interested in one, we encourage you to sign up. The more interested, the better chance we can prioritise it.


Sign up for balanced/other versions

Knowing some of you are interested in other terminations/versions than the standard, we encourage everyone interested in a specific version to sign up to get a chance to have a say in our future product prioritisation: Sign up here