Expanding Possibilities: Introducing Linum 2-Pin Plug Detachable Cables

For those of you who recognise the impact that a high-quality audio cable can have on your audio setup and own, perhaps many, valuable in-ear monitors with 2-Pin sockets, we understand that you want to stick with this setup. We are proud to see your continued interest in Linum cables, and we're thrilled to introduce Linum 2-Pin plug detachable cables in response to your requests.


Standard 2-Pin plug and cable designed to avoid well-known failures

We're excited to announce that a selection of our standard Linum cables is now available with the classic 2-Pin connector, featuring a pin diameter of 0.78mm and pin centre distance 1.9mm. Our 2-Pin plug, designed in black to complement the rest of the Linum cable design, is crafted to be one of the smallest 2-Pin connectors on the market. As a result, it's an excellent choice for a wide range of high-end IEMs and CIEMs, including those with recessed sockets.

Linum cables equipped with 2-Pin Earhook are thoughtfully designed with a small split between the 2-Pin plug and the Earhook to minimise the stress on the 2-Pin socket, aiming to ensure its long-lasting durability.


Exploring the Linum Standard Programme with 2-Pin Plugs

To make your selection process easier, we've included 2-Pin plug detachable cables in our standard programme overview. This means that you have a range of Linum cable variants to choose from, all featuring the standard 2-Pin plug for earphones.

For a detailed overview of our standard programme and to explore the 2-Pin options, please visit our Standard Cables page.

For compatibility check, please visit the Connector site.