Linum® UltraBaX™


No compromise. Perfect balance between comfort, presence, and feel. 

The UltraBaX was developed with the desire to push the sound performance of the Linum cable even further. The Linum UltraBaX improves musicality and sounds more natural.

Due to a different construction of the wires inside the cable, the UltraBaX has a golden transparent appearance.

Your benefits

  • Purest sound experience – no compromise
  • Ultimate comfort
  • Strong and durable
  • Tangle resistant
  • Soft and skin friendly without phthalates.


The perfect solution for

  • Audiophiles
  • Head-fi'ers
  • Sound engineers
  • Musicians
  • High quality recordings and material
  • Multi-BA and dynamics
  • Low impedance IEMs


  • Available connector types: T2™ with Earhook
    (Compatible with IPX). 2-Pin plug with Earhook
  • Termination options: 3.5 TRS (90° angled), 4.4mm TRRRS (straight)
  • Silver plated copper litz wires
  • Quad twisted – 224 strands
  • Weight: ~8g / ~0.28oz (balanced version ~13g / 0.46oz)
  • Length: 127 cm/50”
  • Impedance: 0.6 Ω
  • Pull strength of cable: 180 N/40lbs
  • Microphonics: Low
  • Standard colour options: Zebra (Transparent Golden & Black)

Sound signature

Improved musicality. From the lowest to the highest frequencies, the UltraBaX offers the best precision and extension.

With the UltraBaX you get access to all the amazing micro details in the music which allows you to experience all the nuances, for example the overtones of the piano. Ultimately you get the most genuine and realistic, as in live performance, sound experience.

Please note, the sound signature of upgrade cables depends on your earphones and source (impedance/number of drivers), and your music preferences.


The UltraBaX is for anyone who desires the ultimate sound experience, squeezing out all the details of the music.

Sound performance of the cable relative to the size and comfort is outstanding.

Looking for a more visually unique cable, then we recommend the DualBaX.

If you require the lightest and most invisible cable, we recommend the BaX cable.

For a comparison overview of the cables, please check our Linum cable guide.


Please check our standard programme overview.