Linum Cable Technology

Linum cables are designed and manufactured by estron a/s. estron a/s is market leader in wire and cable solutions for the hearing aid industry.

estron a/s has developed Linum with the following parameters in mind:

  • High Tensile Strength
  • Robust Design
  • Low Mass
  • Best Possible Materials

All parts are manufactured on our specifically designed equipment and assembled at our facilities in Vietnam.

We supply the cables with the most innovative connector type developed in years, the T2. Our own proprietary Linum T2 Connector is designed especially for In-Ears with detachable cables.

The Linum concept stems from an extensive background in the medical devices industry and over 28 years' experience as an established company.


Design Function

The design is typically Danish which is famous for combining simplicity and functionalism. This has allowed for both an aesthetically pleasing cable and a significantly reduced overall mass of 4-8 g ~ 0.14-0.28 Oz.


Linum is based on es-Linum 6+ cable

A Linum cable is based on es-Linum with minimum 6 litz wire conductors made up of 7 individual strands. Each strand is silver plated copper with enamel. The strength comes from aramid fibres. Pull strength 60N ~ 13 Lb. The jacket is made from UV stabilised TPA. 


Attributes applying to all our Linum cables – the most comfortable cables you will ever wear

  • Microphonics are practically non-existent.
  • No corrosion - never turns green.
  • Extremely thin and flexible.
  • Minimalistic in design and therefore very discrete.
  • Cable weight is reduced to 4-8g ~ 0.14-0.28 Oz so you will hardly notice that you are wearing it.
  • Transparent cable jacket makes the Linum cables almost invisible in appearance.
  • Skin-friendly and UV stabilised, so your cable will not turn yellow if exposed to sunlight.