Pure Sound Transmission and Ultimate Comfort

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The lightest Linum cable, only ~5g, discrete, almost weightless. Extreme wear comfort with good sound qualities. Preferred for almost everything – high end music listening, commuting, for work. Learn more…


The most popular Linum cable. A combination of ultimate comfort with sublime sound qualities. Preferred for Pro audio, live music performance, musicians, sound engineers. Learn more…


UltraBaX / DualBaX

The supreme low ohm cables. The ultimate experience where sound and experience are united at its best. For PRO, audiophile, high resolution, and if you just don't want to compromise on sound. Learn more...


"If you’re an IEM user and haven’t listened or used a Linum cable yet you are missing out on a lot. You really have to try one, but be warned, you’ll be hooked just like us."

Lieven, Headfonia

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