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Balanced 4.4mm TRRRS release
The award winning balanced SuperBaX provides the ultimate sound experience - recommended for high-end audio listening. With a balanced version you get virtual absence of cross talk in addition to tonal neutrality, absolute transparency, wider and deeper rooms, and an affordable cable which is extremely comfortable. For more information including specifications check SuperBaX.


T2 to MMCX Adapter
Get the flexibility of using your one favourite cable with T2 and MMCX earphones. Solidly built converter with recessed T2. Designed for over-the-ear use. The T2 is the best and most reliable choice when it comes to earphone connector type. The T2 is IPX compatible.
For more information/picture check accessories.


T2 Talon Connector System
The estron T2 Talon Audio Connector System is the most reliable connection with focus on pull force stability, no intermittence and consistent high durability. Combined with a strong tactility perception, the T2 system contributes to the best possible end-user experience; easy to use, clear sound transmission, and freedom to move. For more information, check the website.


linum ®by estron T2 (UEリケーブルインターフェース IPX対応)

ポタフェス AUTUMN/WINTER TOUR 2019 東京・秋葉原
ベルサール秋葉原地下1階 B1-68ブース

estron社の新型4.4mm バランスケーブル Linum ® G2 SuperBaX Balancedを出展します。 MMCX, 2pinに加えUEリケーブルインターフェース IPX対応するT2ヴァージョン も試聴可能です。    

SuperBaXの超低インピーダンス性能(0.75Ω)をバランス化することで、さらに高性能 のケーブルに仕上がっております。  


linum® G2 SuperBaX Balancedの特徴

  • 最高級のピュアサウンド
  • 心地よい装着感
  • ソフトで柔軟
  • 見た目からは想像できない堅牢性
  • タングルフリー

linum ® G2 SuperBaX Balancedの仕様

コネクタータイプ:T2, MMCX, 2Pin

接続プラグ:4.4mm TRRRS, 2.5mm TRRS

線材構成:銀メッキ銅リッツ線 168 strands






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